Talent Management 2030

3 Nov 2021 | General David H. Berger Commandant of the Marine Corps



Seven decades after its creation, the Marine Corps personnel system is overdue for a fundamental redesign. Our organization, processes, and approach to personnel and talent management are no longer suited to today’s needs and incompatible with the objectives of Force Design 2030. Transitioning to a talent management focus, and system, is required. Without profound improvements made at speed, the deficiencies in the current system will result in the failure of broader service modernization efforts.

This report charts a new course for our personnel system and is informed by a decade’s worth of studies, books, reports, and academic articles on military personnel reform, in addition to the significant body of literature on organizational leadership and the science of management. Like our force design effort, the redesign of our personnel system is a work in progress. This report explains why it is necessary and details some of the initial steps we are taking to create the information age personnel system required to continue winning the Nation’s battles. 

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