Force Design 2030: Annual Update (April 2021)

9 Apr 2021 | General David H. Berger Commandant of the Marine Corps



This report describes the progress we have made over the past 12 months in redesigning the force to better fulfill our role as the nation’s naval expeditionary force-in-readiness. The scope of change required is a generational undertaking - one that will not be completed during a single commandant’s tenure.

Organizational change is hard, but thanks to the efforts of many Marines, Sailors, and Civilians working within our campaign of institutional learning, we have made considerable progress. We now have a clear understanding of the suitable size for our aviation element, better insights on how to evolve the Marine Littoral Regiment and Infantry Battalion, and a significantly enhanced understanding of the need to succeed in the C5ISR vs. counter-C5ISR competition. Thus, there are some force design changes we can confidently make today, while other areas, to include talent management, training, and logistics require additional analysis.

Our ability to innovate is a hallmark of the Corps. It demands rigorous intellectual work, coordination among a plethora of organizations and individuals, and a certain ruthlessness to abandon familiar ideas, capabilities, and platforms which no longer provide relative advantage. Much has been accomplished over the past year, yet much more remains to be done. This report contains my assessment of both our accomplishments and our unfinished business.

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