The 38th Commandant's Intent

17 Jul 2019 | General David H. Berger Commandant of the Marine Corps

Changes of commandants - like all other changes of command - are exciting times for the organization. Changes of command allow us to reflect on accomplishments over the past several years, and look ahead to where we need to go. Over the last four years, given the exceptional leadership of our 37th Commandant, we began to make the necessary changes to meet the challenges in the years ahead. We know we must return to our naval roots because that is what our Nation needs. We gained a better appreciation of evolving threats to assured access of the global commons. We laid a strong foundation for the design and development of the future Fleet Marine Force. We are moving in the right direction. The decisions we make over the next few years will likely shape the Marine Corps for decades to come.

My vision is for the Marine Corps to be manned, trained, and equipped as the world's premier naval expeditionary force-in-readiness; forward-postured with the fleets to deter conflict and respond to crisis; and globally recognized as an elite Corps of Marines of exceptional talent and virtue.

As we look ahead and visualize the Marine Corps our Nation needs, we require the assistance and support of every Marine- those serving and those who have served. My "Commandant's Intent" is framed by five priority focus areas: force design, warfighting, education and training, core values, and command and leadership. Concurrent with the issuance of my intent, I am providing detailed instructions to senior leaders in my Commandant's Planning Guidance (CPG).

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